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Our Village

Cunqueiros, Beira Baixa

Shist Village

The Cunqueiros, are a traditional village with a considerable schist agglomerate. It is pleasant all year round.
Its streams provide us with fresh water without stopping and in the summer its wells are our company. In winter the snow may make its appearance, but the fireplace warms us and its smell hangs in the air. Agriculture and land products are very varied. The Harvest at the end of the summer, the arbutus, the cherry in late spring, the Chestnut, the olive from the beginning of winter, are examples of what good this land can offer.
The best advice is even for discovery. Let yourself be lost inside the Village and in its old part, explore the Pinhal, the streams and the vegetable gardens on the shale slopes around the village. Not to be missed, the visit to the Lagar do Azeite (this works only during 15 days of the year), the old Serração / Lagar at the edge of the river (where you can imagine its operation in the past, and where you can still see some instruments) , Ancient sources of fresh water, mills, vintage, olive picking, liquor-proofing at Café da Eira (always talk with Luís or Dona Júlia), bathing at the river (at Coca, or at Well Rosa), finally break the discovery ...

Praias Fluviais

River Beaches

Beaches of our Region


​They are one of the tourist attractions of the county and were born of the careful use of the water lines that cross it. Aldeia Ruiva, Alvito, Cerejeira, Fróia and Malhadal constitute the network of fluvial beaches of the county, valued by the natural frame and served by equipment built with the concern of preserving the identity of the places, using materials such as shale and wood. All beaches are subject to water quality control and have been equipped with equipment for the disabled. Fróia and Malhadal were considered by the Quercus beaches with gold quality in 2013 and 2014 and Fróia in 2015 and 2016. Others are very close to our accommodation, such as Açude Pinto or Cardigos.

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